Initial Post from the Hardwood Experts

Greetings all of you out in Bloggerville. This spot on the web will be dedicated to answering your questions about hardwood floors and giving good sound advice and direction. If you have a question feel free to post and the experts @ will follow up right quick.

Hardwood Experts


  1. This is a great new tool to educate the customer in making the best wood floor decision.

  2. What is the hardest floor type (one that you can walk on in heels without worrying about denting)?

  3. Good question. High heels depending on the type will dent just about any wood floor. The Stiletto heel is the worst as about 1,500 psi of pressure is focused on a spot no larger than 1/16".
    Brazilian Cherry is one of the hardest wood floors available to us and is common in south Texas.
    The link below shows the hardness of the most common woods.


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