What is the difference: Engineered? Prefinished? Hardwood?

Out there looking around for wood flooring but don't understand the difference between hardwoods?

                   First time floor covering buyers are often plagued with the question what is the best type of flooring? The answer may surprise you.  It is not uncommon for a consumer to be befuddled about what is the best type of wood for their home. In my travels I have seen so many types of wood flooring applications and although sleazy salespeople try to push one line or another the truth of the matter is the best type of flooring depends on your application. Neither wood is a best fix for every application, period. Some of you out there have a sub-level area that needs to be covered, some a heated sub floor and some a standard slab. Each situation requires  a  different solution. That is where the pros come in.

Here is the breakdown solid wood floors typically require a plywood sub floor and are usually 3/4 of an inch thick.  Engineered hardwood is made up of a plywood or birch backing and a wear layer of varying thicknesses. Either solid or engineered hardwood woods can come factory finished and both can also be finished on site. Depending on how customized and how hard you would like the finish to be will determine which type of wood you select.

Hardwood quality comes down to wear layer and finish quality of which we will cover in the next segment.

Until next time find more hardwood facts at www.hardwoodexperts.com

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  1. I knew there was some type of difference but wasn't sure. I have about 600 sq' of carpet I would like to change out for hardwood what type should I use?


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