Wall to Wall Goldmines

You may be walking on a goldmine in your home and don't know it! 

It's the 60's and everyone has Oak flooring in their homes. Many homeowners want something different, something new and cozy and textiles are the new big hit. Wall-to-wall carpet was the new buzz in remodeling and quickly became the craze as homeowners drove staples through their beautiful hardwood for the cush of carpet.

It's now the 21st century we understand the heath problems that can be associated with carpet especially 20 year old carpet. Many homeowners are getting on their hands and knees to pop up some of ye-olde tack strip and are aghast at what they find, solid hardwood floors! This weekend as your milling around the house grab your Sherlock Holmes outfit and pull up an edge of that old carpet. You just might find a floor worth bringing back to life. 

Article by Michael Street
 Michael writes for Hammonds Wood Floors and has served the company for almost 2 years. Hammonds Wood Floors specializes in refinishing and repairing old wood floors. 

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