Water at Bay Keeps the Refinisher Away...

Many of you who have wood floors may not realize it but your asking for trouble. I'm not saying that your normally the first to put up your "dukes" but when it comes to your wood floors you may be picking a fight.

I see it time and time again on calls where a couple is befuddled to find that there floors are cupping and all  because they did a great job cleaning. The culprit might surprise you. Water, is the #1 enemy of wood floors and in any shape or form. Water vapor from a steamer, moisture seeping up from under the sub-floor a leaking pipe or most commonly the mop and bucket are the biggest enemy of your wood floors.

So don't pick a fight with your floors by using its natural enemy against it simply use a alcohol based cleaner. These cleaners come in many different brands but many are deceiving. You can purchase an alcohol based cleaner such as Bona Professional at Home Depot along with a microfiber mop.

Let me pause to say, if you are using Mop and Glow hardwood cleaner... Stop Immediately! So many of our customers are using that water based cleaner and will eventually loose the fight by natures T.K.O. If you have any doubt that your floor cleaner is the right one for your floors don't hesitate to call us we will be glad to make sure you get the right cleaner and help you take the gloves off.

Michael Street

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