Solid or Engineered?

Down through the annals of time no question has plagued the existence of man more than this…
Which hardwood should I choose?  Ok, maybe it is not that serious but it is an important question if you want to make your home stand out in the warm character and vibrant simplicity that wood floors bring.
This question comes across my desk often, “some say that solid woods are the best but what does that mean?”  The simple answer is that solid wood is a board of solid wood.  However, there are products available that are made up of the same quality of hardwood for the surface but use less expensive plywood for the structure or backing. These products are referred to as “engineered hardwoods.”
 At the end of the day it all comes down to finish quality that is, what is on top of the wood that keeps the surface from wearing away. Job-site applied finishes offer more choices while factory finishes are harder in most cases. However a new curing system called “UV Cure” is revolutionizing site finished projects with longer life finishes. 
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